Patient Testimonials

  • I have two wonderful stories of recovery with the physical therapy provided by Lynne Gist.  The first followed a MRI identifying miss aligned vertebrae resulting in severe back pain following heavy lifting. Before meeting Lynne I experienced two cycles of physical therapy at a physical therapy practice I was referred to by my physician without any positive results. During my first appointment with Lynne I knew this new type of therapy was going to be successful. Following her instructions I did exercises at home and with her therapy treatments I became pain free. When I had a fall resulting in three fractured vertebrae and my pubic bone I knew where to go for my physical therapy. Lynne helped me again return to a pain free life. It is now over two years since my therapy and I am enjoying walking, water aerobics, lap swimming, strength training and bicycling.


  • I first saw Lynne after I had fractured the top of my humerus. I had never been to a physical therapist before and was feeling especially vulnerable and anxious because of this injury. Lynne’s calm and reassuring manner set me at ease immediately. At each step along the way she explained what she was doing and why she was doing it. Her strong and healing touch, coupled with a carefully thought out plan for exercises for me to do at home, allowed me to regain full use of my arm. When I later fractured the top of my tibia, I knew at once who to call. I highly recommend Lynne to anyone looking for a caring physical therapist with a deep knowledge of and appreciation for how the body and mind work together to bring about healing.


  • In addition to her excellent traditional Physical Therapy skills Ms. Gist has what I can only describe as “Magic Hands.” The ability to treat many physical problems by applying her hands to areas of the body and manipulating the flow of energy to the area is exceptional. I have actually felt the area heating up when she does this. When I first went to her with a chronic shoulder problem she fixed it in one session which previously had taken a couple of weeks of therapy/exercise to mend.


  • At age 61, I sought Lynne’s help in dealing with a very sore, very stiff neck. Many disappointing experiences with the medical profession had made me very skeptical about a lot of would-be healing procedures. And I had  particularly low expectations about physical therapy as a solution to my problem. The stiff, painful neck condition had been plaguing me for ten years and I was willing to try almost anything. When Lynne first began to describe the techniques she would use to treat my condition, I thought they sounded something like performing acupuncture merely with one’s fingers. I kept an open mind, but it was difficult not to laugh at the idea – at first. But even during our first session, I saw noticeable improvement. After five treatments, I felt that I had been given back a lost decade of better health. With the success of that set of treatments, I let Lynne tackle other long term aches and pains that plagued me then and in the three years since those initial sessions. She worked wonders in so many cases that I sent my son-in-law to her for his serious, chronic back pain. Lynne did not disappoint either of us. She worked the same magic  with him. I have now seen her often enough to know that there are some pains that even Lynne cannot eliminate. However, she is stunningly successful most of the time. She is also very professional and very flexible in working with her patients. I couldn’t recommend anyone more strongly.


  • A few years ago, I suddenly and without apparent cause developed pain in my shoulder blade, which radiated down my arm. The pain was excruciating and constant, making it impossible even to sleep. After just a few therapy sessions with Ms. Gist, the pain vanished. A few years later, when similar pain reappeared, I went through considerable trouble to track her down, as she was no longer practicing in the same facility, and I did not even know her full name! I was able to find her and was not disappointed with the service she provided.

    P. R.

  • Lynne has given me tremendous relief for a physical problem I’d had for several years before starting treatment with her. She approached my situation, which is an unusual one, carefully and methodically, and the work she has done in improving things for me has made a tremendous difference in my life.


  • Lynne’s quiet, confident skills have helped my body recover its strength and ease of movement.


  • I have had chronic and acute low back pain for over 40 years. Lynne has been treating me for the past 2 years. I no longer have the acute back pain episodes and the chronic pain has been reduced to increasingly more occasional episodes. For my issues, Lynne’s treatments have improved my quality of life.


  • I have used Lynne for years and have been very happy with the results. In particular, I used her both before and after my most recent knee surgery and found that her work enabled me to be prepared for the surgery and significantly aided in my post-op recovery and then on-going physical therapy. Because of her, my knee feels the best it has in years. I am not always sure what she is doing, all I know is that it works.

    R. G.

  • A year ago I injured my left foot in a fall; it was swollen and painful.  Lynne worked her magic on my foot with her therapy and it started to feel much better; the swelling started to go down. Lynne is a very knowledgeable and professional therapist and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and colleagues. She is definitely an asset and a credit to her profession.

    J. L.

  • I have had problems with both my neck and hip over the last year and have gone to a number of different practitioners but I get the most relief for the longest period of time when Lynne works on me.  She has incredible healing hands.

    M. M.

  • Without exception, every time I have seen Lynne, she has relieved me from strong pain or discomfort.  She has been a blessing in my life and I am grateful for having found her. Lynne is a gentle and extremely effective physical therapist whom I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for quick relief of pain and long term, effective treatment. Lynne’s intervention has added quality to my life.

    A. A.

  • I really benefitted from Lynne’s knowledge and physical therapy expertise; I enjoyed her life tips as well. Lynne is a consummate professional and kind person – both of which helped me greatly.

    J. A.

  • Lynne is wholly committed to her client’s healing.  Like and artist, she draws from many modalities, as well as her own deep respect and intuitive understanding of the body’s healing wisdom. Before seeing Lynne, it was difficult for me to imagine a future without the chronic pain I had been experiencing for years. Thanks to her, now I can.


  • Lynne Gist is not only an exceptional physical therapist, she is an exceptional person.  She is a truly gifted therapist who is extremely knowledgeable about various techniques. Most importantly, though, Lynne is a caring and giving healer who listens carefully to you and your body. Because of her, I was able to avoid surgery for a rotator cuff tear, and am grateful to her for being healthy once again.

    C. D.

  • Several years ago I fell of my bike and hit my head on the ground.  I suffered persistent pain which increased over time.  All the medical practitioners and holistic solutions didn’t really help.  I was losing hope until I met Lynne.  She methodically starting healing all the various issues (muscles, ligaments, fascia,…) using several different kinds of physical therapy techniques.  She is incredibly talented and has extensive knowledge on countless physical therapy techniques.  Thanks to Lynne I got my life back.  I give her the highest possible recommendation.