April 29th, 2019

At age 61, I sought Lynne’s help in dealing with a very sore, very stiff neck. Many disappointing experiences with the medical profession had made me very skeptical about a lot of would-be healing procedures. And I had  particularly low expectations about physical therapy as a solution to my problem. The stiff, painful neck condition had been plaguing me for ten years and I was willing to try almost anything. When Lynne first began to describe the techniques she would use to treat my condition, I thought they sounded something like performing acupuncture merely with one’s fingers. I kept an open mind, but it was difficult not to laugh at the idea – at first. But even during our first session, I saw noticeable improvement. After five treatments, I felt that I had been given back a lost decade of better health. With the success of that set of treatments, I let Lynne tackle other long term aches and pains that plagued me then and in the three years since those initial sessions. She worked wonders in so many cases that I sent my son-in-law to her for his serious, chronic back pain. Lynne did not disappoint either of us. She worked the same magic  with him. I have now seen her often enough to know that there are some pains that even Lynne cannot eliminate. However, she is stunningly successful most of the time. She is also very professional and very flexible in working with her patients. I couldn’t recommend anyone more strongly.