Why Choose PTS

Why should you choose Physical Therapy Services, LLC with Lynne Gist for your physical therapy services?

One-on-one care is provided with me, a licensed therapist, from evaluation to discharge. I will treat you personally and directly – no assistants, technicians, or trainers. I use both traditional and holistic approaches, and conduct thorough evaluations and skilled treatments. Your individualized treatment sessions lasts 45-55 minutes, allowing ample time for questions.

Typical conditions treated include spine injuries and disorders, joint replacements, sports injuries, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, fractures, and car injuries. For a more comprehensive list, please appropriate sections of this website.

Manual therapy techniques help to resolve pain and improve function. Techniques utilized include joint mobilization, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, strain counter-strain, visceral manipulation, and more.

I am committed to providing compassionate, skilled, and client-centered care. Why not let me help you?

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Lynne Gist, PT